Case Studies

HMRC arrears

One80 advisers successfully negotiated a payment plan with HMRC following multiple accelerated payment notices.


Leon is a fast food restaurant chain comprising 44 leasehold restaurants in the UK, located predominantly in office-dense city centre areas, and also at transport hubs.

Paying commercial lease or rent

A successful retail outlet looking to restructure was hit with further difficulties following the COVID-19 pandemic, One80 engaged with landlords to ease the financial burden and renegotiate leases to minimise overheads.

Business interruption losses advisory

One80 were successful in obtaining a loan for a client who was experiencing financial distress due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Shareholder Disputes

There are many instances where shares in a company pass down the family line with huge success, and the second and third generations work co-operatively to develop and grow the business.