A Business Dispute

One80’s team of experts have extensive experience in assisting business owners to resolve business disputes.

A substantial amount of the work our forensic accounting team undertake is to quantify losses in disputes. They act for both claimants or petitioners in addition to defendants or respondents. They have also taken many instructions where they act as a Single Joint Expert (SJE) – effectively working collaboratively with both parties to resolve the matter and arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.

Our team acts for a wide range of businesses, from small to medium sized enterprises to large and listed companies, and quantum of our cases can be in the low hundreds of thousands but can just as easily be many hundreds of millions of pounds. Our team act on business disputes in the UK, but many matters we assist to resolve have included those with an overseas dimension.

Many of the commercial dispute matters in which we are instructed rely upon our expertise in valuation matters.

Our senior team members have acted as expert witnesses in hundreds of UK and international disputes and are highly experienced in giving evidence under cross examination in court, we do recognise that a large number of matters can be settled out of court and prior to a hearing. We always approach the quantification of losses in a commercial but robust manner to provide credible quantum which should assist the parties in reaching settlement.

If you are a claimant/petitioner or a defendant/respondent in any business dispute, please get in touch with One80’s team of experts who are able to act quickly to assist you in bringing the matter to a resolution.

In contractual disputes, One80’s team of experts are required to calculate the quantum of the loss arising to organisations which arise because of breaches in contracts – alleged and actual, particularly between suppliers and customers. In addition to past losses, our expertise is often sought to quantify and discount future losses to calculate their current value.

We are adept at reading warranties, identifying breaches, and subsequently providing cogent calculations of the quantum of loss arising in the periods following M&A transaction claims and counterclaims.

Where appropriate and required by our clients, we give our expert input on liability issues, which are often relating to alleged negligence by accountants and auditors, as well as quantifying the financial losses and damages involved. Our work involves the production of detailed explanations of the impact of the alleged negligence and how it created divergence between the actual state of affairs and a counterfactual scenario.

We are regularly instructed to investigate alleged wrongdoing by one of the parties and/or to quantify the losses that have arisen because of the wrongdoing. We have acted in a substantial range of unfair prejudice claims, where we have been required to value minority shareholdings in companies.

We are experienced in quantifying losses, based on accepted industry standard methodology and are familiar with the commonly recurring issues, including calculating the value of an agency on a hypothetical open market basis.

Our team of experts have acted on matters where it has been claimed that losses have arisen as a result of failures or fraud in tender or formal procurement processes or where there has been a breach of International Investment Agreements.