A large proportion of the work our forensic accounting team undertake is quantifying losses in business disputes; acting equally for both claimants and defendants, as well as a Single Joint Expert

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes typically arise when terms of a contract have not been adhered to and one party is affected. Our team of specialist forensic accountants is regularly instructed to assist in quantifying the financial loss arising out of contract disputes.

Often, such disputes are stressful and complex and as such it is important that you seek professional advice to put you in a position to reach an appropriate settlement.

One80’s forensic accounting team are regularly instructed by solicitors and business owners to support them in understanding the full quantification of damages arising from a contract dispute.


One80’s experienced forensic accounting team has assisted in resolving disputes, where the quantum has ranged from a few thousand to multi million pound claims across a wider range of sectors, from complex construction disputes to relatively straightforward disputes between businesses and contractors.

If you are involved in a breach of contract dispute and you have suffered a financial loss as a result, then get in touch with our expert forensic accountants who can provide you with the support required to reach a fair settlement.