A large proportion of the work our forensic accounting team undertake is quantifying losses in business disputes; acting equally for both claimants and defendants, as well as a Single Joint Expert

Shareholder Disputes

Partner and shareholder disputes can be extremely damaging to a business. The support of an experienced forensic accountant at an early stage can help to focus the financial aspects, and help the parties to resolve issues before any lasting damage is done to the business.

The key to many such disputes is the value attributed to the business and an individual’s interest in the business, either by partnership share or by share ownership. Our extensive business valuation experience can be extremely valuable in assisting parties to reach a resolution that they can all agree to.

Understanding the positions of each party is key to us providing robust advice on the resolution of the dispute

One80’s team of forensic accounting professionals regularly advises on shareholder disputes, including s994 petitions, director disputes and partnership disputes. We are typically instructed by both directors and their lawyers, and assist with:

  • investigating alleged wrongdoing by one of the parties
  • quantifying the losses that have arisen.

We have also acted on a wide range of unfair prejudice claims, where we have valued minority shareholdings in companies.


Parties in any shareholder, director or partnership dispute will have strong views on their position and financial entitlement. Our forensic accountants will undertake a commercial approach to preparing business valuations and assisting in the collation of evidence.

If you are involved in a shareholder dispute and have either suffered a financial loss or are at risk of suffering such a loss, then get in touch with our experienced forensic accountants who can provide you with the support required to reach a fair resolution.

We can assist in investigation and analysis, damage assessment, expert witness and oral testimony, liability assessment in accountant and auditor claims, and data analysis.